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About Us

Kohl Academy was founded in 2009 with the first academy opening in Johannesburg. Kohl has since branched out with franchises in Pretoria and Cape Town.

About Us

Kohl Academy was founded in 2009 with the first academy opening in Johannesburg. Kohl has since branched out with franchises in Pretoria and Cape Town.

About The Academy

Kohl Academy® has become one of South Africa’s leading makeup training institutions. Our aim is to inspire and uplift aspiring makeup artists, with our passion and modern approach, combining theoretical principles with practical applications. Makeup is an art with endless possibilities and avenues.

Kohl Academy® has assembled the most creative, skilled and experienced group of professionals who are enthusiastic about the Kohl brand and believe in offering world-class training. Educators are qualified facilitators and assessors with industry experience. Learning from professionals is  key to becoming a skillful, creative, business-minded, well-rounded artist.

On completion of the course students will acquire well-developed skills and expertise in makeup, airbrush makeup, body art and hair styling for performances, productions, photographic, fashion, media, magazine and more. Kohl Academy® courses are internationally accredited with the largest accreditation body for makeup and beauty.

Our training is superior as our educators are active artists in the industry, bringing valuable hands-on knowledge to each training session. The Kohl team travel abroad on an ongoing basis, attending international makeup trade shows and seminars; training with international makeup artists and educators. Training material for all programmes gets reviewed and updated every 6 months, according to current trends and relevance.

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Kohl training complies with international criteria and we pride ourselves in offering training that is pertinent to the industry, as well as incorporating current fashion trends and trade secrets.

Students who excel during the course get a kick start in the industry by receiving the opportunity to work with educators and senior makeup artists on sets and shoots, as well as receive referrals and interviews with our corporate retail partners. Student artists will be added to the Kohl Pro Artist team working with Kohl clients.

Kohl qualified students obtain sought after makeup positions in production companies, makeup houses and film studios due to the exceptional reputation Kohl Academy® has in the industry.

Kohl produces talented and professional individuals with our intensive well-rounded training and portfolio that is built while studying, as well as work experience gained through Kohl.

Our Training Method

Training offered is competency-based training. Students must achieve the required level of skilled competency to work as a makeup artist.

Teaching Facilities and Kits

Training offered is competency-based training. Students must achieve the required level of skilled competency to work as a makeup artist.

Our teaching studios offer a professional and trendy environment where imagination can flourish and artistic expression is encouraged. Student makeup kits are made up of industry standard professional makeup brands, imported exclusively for student kits. Palettes are customised according to Kohl specifications.

Kohl Academy® believes in giving students the best and most up-to-date products and equipment while training. To comply with industry standards we include a variety of brands. An artist must be knowledgeable on various brands as this ensures there are no limits to the looks and applications that can be achieved. Kits consist of professional brands ONLY! Quality above Quantity!


Before a brush is put to a face it is important to understand the theory of makeup. This is the cornerstone to becoming a world-class makeup artist. We start the course with in-depth theory lectures where educators begin from the basics of makeup. We engage in discussions as well as question and answer sessions to ensure all our students comprehend every aspect of the curriculum. Each student will receive a full manual as well as a portfolio of evidence that will be completed during the course. Students are expected to complete theory exams and tests assessing their comprehension of information.


Skill and technique demonstrations are done at the beginning of every class by course educators. Students are advised to take notes as educators draw from their industry experience and will share “behind the scenes” tips and tricks. During practical in-class exercises students master the skills and techniques demonstrated. Educators are on-hand evaluating every step, giving advice, guidance and personal attention.

Makeup artist students must work on various skin tones and facial features, ensuring they have a thorough understanding of the diverse clientele they may encounter. Students apply makeup on each other during practical training sessions. This gives students insight as to what their clients will be feeling which makes client care more effective. Classmates give feedback on various elements including pressure used, and their experience as a client, assisting the educators in evaluating practical applications.

Course Assessment

Course requirements include attendance of the required number of classes, as well as the completion of assessments. Assessments

are done by way of direct observation by an assessor, where students are observed while completing practical applications.
Students must supply their own models for all assessments. Further assessments are conducted by way of written tests which include multiple choice, as well as assignments. Various industry relevant assignments, practical case studies, research and design must be completed.

Assignments are assessed and graded, contributing to fulfilling course requirements. Students must be found competent in all assessments, practical and theoretical, to receive a qualification.

Course Attendance Requirements

During the first day of the course students receive an induction book stating academy rules and regulations which includes attendance requirements. Failure to attend a certain number of classes may prevent the issue of a qualification.

Students are required to bring makeup kits, manuals and files to class every day. Failure to do so will result in the student being dismissed from class. Missed classes result in minimum in-class guided hours not being fulfilled. Mandatory catchup lessons apply at an additional fee to meet in-class guided hour minimum requirements.

Language, Literacy & Numeracy

Kohl Academy® acknowledges that some students may be faced with certain barriers to education and training. We strive to guide and assist students where reasonably possible, with solutions to overcoming barriers relating to each student’s special requirements. Students must note all such special needs or learning difficulties on the application document.

Students must disclose in writing any illness, disability and/or learning difficulty that may affect their performance during the course. Such information is confidential and will only be disclosed to relevant personnel.

Artistic Photo Shoot Days

Photoshoot days are scheduled during the course with an industry professional photographer as part of the training programme.

The purpose of photoshoots is to assist in building a portfolio and teaches students how: to work with a team, work on a set; how makeup reads on camera; model choices; selecting hairstyles and styling the model; to conceptualise and execute an idea; and how to create and present mood boards.


On occasion, students are required to bring a model/client to class for practical observation purposes including photo shoot days. Students will receive a day planner on the first day of the course noting all dates models/clients are required, giving ample time in advance to source models/clients. During the start of the course the academy discusses model choices for photoshoots and sourcing models, guiding students in this regard.


Master classes and workshops are scheduled where previous students are invited to up-skill and keep informed. It’s important that our artists stay on top of their game.

Artist Events

Over and above master classes and workshops Kohl Academy® was the first institution to bring a celebrity makeup artist to South Africa to present workshops to makeup artists and the public. Kohl Academy® brought celebrity makeup artist and author of 6 makeup books, Rae Morris, to South Africa in April 2013. Rae now endorses Kohl Academy®. Donna Mee, one of the world’s top makeup educators visited Kohl in July 2014, presenting master classes. In 2015 Kohl hosted Emmy Award Winning artist Kevin James Bennett, where he taught artists his tricks that awarded him an Emmy win for best makeup. In 2018 Einat Dan visited Kohl Academy® and presented master classes in fashion editorial makeup. To become a world-class artist you need to have world-class training.

Why a career in makeup?

Makeup artistry is a creative career within a broad field dominating the beauty industry. Many multi-million-dollar industries utilise makeup artists including; cosmetics, retail, music, fashion, beauty, bridal, advertising and marketing, entertainment, medical, corporate, TV, film and magazine. Opportunities are unlimited in this career path.

Makeup artistry is a powerful career. Makeup artists have a hand in working on clients in every visual platform including; TV hosts, presenters, newsreaders, documentaries, variety and talk shows, soap opera stars, singers, dancers, actors, actresses and stage performers. Furthermore, many films and TV shows where makeup is applied to not only the main featured characters but also the hundreds of extras you often don’t notice. A makeup artist’s clientele can often come from a more unassuming direction. Corporate clients form a large part of the industry booking artists for advertising campaigns, product launches, company brochures, billboards, posters, calendars, catalogues, expos and in-house staff and team shoots for newsletters, websites, promotional material and catalogues. Magazines and all print media supply makeup artists with an endless stream of work, capturing images for every conceivable brand, as well as, fashion and editorial, in-depth articles and documentaries.

The music, TV and film industries shoot hundreds of new shows, movies and music videos everyday, all of which cannot start filming until a makeup artist has waved their magic brush. Many makeup artists start their career working in retail at cosmetic counters, building their careers up as the senior artist for an international brand, travelling the world representing the brand, and rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous. Private clients book artists for an array of commissions including; brides, matric farewells/proms, special occasions, functions, dress up parties, etc.

Makeup is an essential part of the world we live in and one of the fastest growing industries.

The Team

Head Office

Lindi Bester

Lindi Bester

Owner & Founder

Lindi is an ambitious woman with 18 years’ experience in the Fashion, Beauty and Hair Industry, including 12 years teaching and training experience. Lindi’s skill, talent and vision  developed Kohl Academy® into one of the most professional and well known makeup training institutions in South Africa, and amongst international artists. Kohl has been on the map internationally by bringing world-renowned makeup artists and educators to South Africa to educate our artists and senior team. Kohl Academy® is endorsed and supported by world-renowned makeup artist Rae Morris. One of the worlds top makeup educators, Donna Mee, and Emmy Award winner Kevin James Bennett, are amongst the international icons Kohl has hosted in South Africa. Lindi shared a master class stage with international artists, including Paul Merchant and Liz Martins.

Lindi is the head Internal Quality Assurer managing and overseeing training standards, course content, course delivery and training methods as well as assessors and assessments. 


Branch owners Stacey and Amie alongside Jedine head up training team at Kohl Academy® Johannesburg Franchise and Head Office.



Senior educator and owner of Kohl JHB Stacey’s insight into the beauty industry comes from years of hands-on experience coupled with her background of public speaking.



Jedine is our resident hair educator, having been part of our Kohl team since 2013, with an in-depth understanding of not only hair, but also as a makeup educator.



Amie’s background in english and communication enables her as an educator to relate and connect well with students.

Cape Town

Leney, alongside owner Morné, head up Kohl Academy® Cape Town Franchise.



Morné’s 20 years’ experience working on editorials, fashion weeks, advertising campaigns, magazines and TV furnished him with in-depth industry knowledge and masterful skills.



Leney joined the Kohl team in 2020. With her experience working for a world renowned make-up brand she brings extentive industry knowledge into the classroom.   


Michelle, owner of Kohl Academy® Pretoria Franchise, head up the training team, alongside trainer Renier.



Michelle has been part of the Kohl team since 2011. Amongst her many achievements in the industry she was part of the creative team that revamped and modernised the look of one of South Africa’s best TV soaps. She is well known on the local movie scene.



Renier joined our team in 2020. He brings his exeptual creative talent and vibrant energy to the class room. 

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